Compac Subcat

Take control of your industrial water systems with our Ind. Controls & Pump Skids. Our advanced control solutions and pump skids provide a customizable and efficient approach to managing water flow, catering to the specific needs of your industrial processes.

BLOK - Control Panels

CPI is a certified UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Shop.The CPI BLOK Control Panel can implement motor speed controls ( A.C. or D.C.), PLC/Smart Relays w/ HMI control, Circuit Protection, Liquid Level Controls,with Full Communications capibilities. All panels will comply with N.E.C. standards and adhere strictly to UL508A procedures. We can accommodate any Nema/UL type ratings. Very few limitations with capacity to control up to 800 HP.

Chemical Pump Skids

Complete prepackaged pumping skids. In house design built to your specification. Systems are available in Stainless Steel, Kynar, PVDF, HDEP, Polypropylene piping systems with peristaltic hose/tube or diaphragm pump. All pre-plumbed and prewired with the CPI BLOK control panels.

Water Pumping Systems

Custom designed water pumping systems with complete ul motor controls and full SCADA integration capabilities.