Compac Sub2cat

We are at your service? from concept to completion we will work with you to develop the ideas that will bring your dreams to life. Our experienced team of professionals will provide advice and assistance regarding every aspect of your recreational water project. Conceptual drawings set the stage and then the ideas are engineered to become reality. Structural, hydraulic, and electrical concerns are considered in concert, assuring that the design will meet your expectations. With over thirty years of manufacturing experience in the recreational water industry, Com-Pac is the most comprehensive resource for assuring a successful project. We manufacture our products in our facilities here in Florida. By being the only company in the water play industry that produces it?s own fiberglass components, fabricates it?s own stainless steel items, builds it?s own pumping and filtration systems, assembles it?s own UL listed electrical panels and controllers, and does it?s own powder coating, we are unique. We also have creative consultants on staff, as well as artisans that can fabricate the items required to make your design yours. Even our standard products can be easily adapted to a particular circumstance, with little effect on price.

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