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Welcome to COM-PAC Filtration, Com-Pac Industrial (CPI) division, your premier source for tailored and advanced water filtration solutions in the industrial sector. Our high-performance products, including Water Pump Accessories, robust Water Pumps, efficient Water Filters, and precision-engineered Com-Pac Industrial (CPI) Valves, are designed to optimize water management for diverse industrial applications.

Take command of your industrial water systems with our Ind. Controls & Pump Skids, and enhance operational efficiency with our intuitive Control Panels. Elevate your filtration setup with ACP - Aquatic Controls, featuring cutting-edge features. At COM-PAC Filtration, we are dedicated to delivering industry-leading solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability in industrial water management, combining innovation with industrial excellence.

Pump Accessories

Enhance the performance of your water pumping systems with our premium Water Pump Accessories. From high-efficiency impellers to durable casing, our accessories are designed to maximize the output and longevity of your water pumps.


Experience unmatched reliability with our top-of-the-line Water Pumps. Engineered for industrial applications, our pumps deliver consistent and efficient water circulation, ensuring the seamless operation of your water management system.

Ind. Controls & Pump Skids

Take control of your industrial water systems with our Ind. Controls & Pump Skids. Our advanced control solutions and pump skids provide a customizable and efficient approach to managing water flow, catering to the specific needs of your industrial processes.


Achieve superior water quality with our state-of-the-art Water Filters. Designed for industrial-scale filtration, our filters remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that your water meets the highest standards for various industrial applications.

CPI Valves

Optimize water flow and control with our Com-Pac Industrial (CPI) Valves. Engineered for industrial precision, these valves offer reliable regulation, enhancing the efficiency of your water management system.

Control Panels

Streamline the operation of your water filtration setup with our Control Panels. Customized for industrial use, our panels provide intuitive control and monitoring, ensuring optimal performance and ease of operation.

ACP - Aquatic Controls

Explore cutting-edge control solutions with our ACP - Aquatic Controls. Tailored for industrial water applications, these controls offer advanced features to manage and optimize the performance of your water filtration and pumping systems.

Enhance industrial water systems with our high-performance solutions. Explore premium Water Pump Accessories for efficient pumping, and ensure unmatched reliability with our top-of-the-line Water Pumps. Take control with Ind. Controls & Pump Skids, offering advanced solutions for industrial processes. Achieve superior water quality with state-of-the-art Water Filters, and optimize flow with Com-Pac Industrial (CPI) Valves. Streamline operation with customized Control Panels, and explore advanced control solutions with ACP - Aquatic Controls for efficient water management. Trust us for reliable solutions that meet the highest industrial standards.