What is pool automation?

Nearly every function of your pool can be automated with an all-inclusive controller, whether it’s your pump, filter, lights, or even chemical maintenance. It doesn’t matter if your pool is brand new or much older — there are always opportunities for automation. And don’t let the fancy technology intimidate you; all you need to get started is a controller, a smartphone, and an internet connection.

An automated pool system makes taking care of your pool a super simple process. These automation systems are managed by a digital controller that handles every function your pool needs to thrive.

Why automate your swimming pool?

Owning a swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat, relax, and make memories with your family. What’s less fun, however, is the regular maintenance. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep a pool sparkling clean, but the good news is that pool automation offers significant time savings, less downtime, and makes preventative maintenance a breeze. There are many benefits of swimming pool automation — here are 4 that will change the way you look at pool maintenance.

1. Make maintenance easy.

Pool automation practically eliminates the manual labor involved in making chemical adjustments and makes regular water testing a thing of the past. With an automated system, it’s no longer necessary to measure your pool’s chemical levels every time they need to be serviced — your automated system can do it all for you!‌ It’s as easy as programming the desired chemical levels for your water, and your automation system will dose your pool accordingly, delivering stable, consistent water quality without the need for constant supervision.

2. Increase energy efficiency.

Automating your pool equates to significant energy cost savings, too. Electricity and water are both pricy commodities, and wasting either of these precious resources is harmful to the environment. By using automation and a variable speed pump, you can run your pump only when necessary, reducing water waste and lowering energy costs. Some automation systems also provide energy efficiency displays, allowing pool managers to develop an ideal energy plan for their pool.

Furthermore, you can automate water features, lights, and filters for additional cost savings. Automation can also reduce wear on your equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring the reliability of your equipment for years to come.

3. Maximize control.

One of the greatest benefits of pool automation is the level of control over every aspect of maintenance. Stop spending time and effort manually handling your pool equipment. Instead, create routines and schedules that can be updated at any time with your smartphone. With instant access from virtually anywhere in the world, automation apps grant complete control over your pool’s most important features.

Want to adjust the temperature of your pool throughout the day so it’s warmer in the mornings and cooler during the hottest part of the day? Options like this are only possible with automation systems. Other routines that can be programmed with the touch of a screen include cleaning schedules, chemical levels, jets, lights, music, and more.

4. Identify (and fix) problems faster.

Automation isn’t just for monitoring chemical levels, either. Automation systems can also integrate with leak sensors and other critical components. If something serious goes wrong, the system will send alerts straight to your phone to make sure you have the appropriate time to respond.

Additionally, automated systems allow for a pool’s status to be checked remotely, with temperature readings and chemical testing occurring from a technician’s computer. If a problem occurs, the latest automated systems incorporate live cameras and uploadable programs, which can assist in electronic repairs. When a call comes in a technician can turn on the cameras and identify the issue. He can then debug the program and see the results on-camera. No more waiting for the pool guy to show up!

The Final Word

Automating your swimming pool makes life much easier! And while automation is no replacement for a skilled technician, it can lead to simpler maintenance, decreased energy costs, greater control, and faster issue resolution. The most important thing to remember about automation is that it’s meant to make caring for your pool stress-free. The goal is to spend more time using your pool and less time taking care of it.

If you’re looking to simplify your swimming pool maintenance schedule, Com-Pac can help. Whether it’s prepping your pool for vacations, seasonal changes, or social hours, we have the solution for keeping your pool pristine. We’ve been in the business for more than 40 years, and our solutions are built to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to start transforming your pool experience today!