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Our dedicated, highly skilled work force design, manufacture, and install the finest products available.

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Water Filtration Pump Pool Splash Pad Playground

With a legacy spanning four decades, Com-Pac Filtration has consistently pioneered the forefront of packaged water filtration innovation. Our state-of-the-art fiberglass housings and subterranean vaults encapsulate cutting-edge pumping and filtering designs, setting the benchmark in the industry. Discover simplicity, high efficiency, and unparalleled capability with Com-Pac systems, meticulously crafted to cater to your unique specifications, all proudly manufactured in Jacksonville, FL.

Com-Pac Filtration consistently enhances our techniques and methodologies, remaining at the forefront of manufacturing methods and seamlessly integrating the latest products. Explore our comprehensive range of Packaged Water Filtration solutions, including D.E., Cartridge, Sand, and Custom options. Elevate your water filtration game with our top-notch Filtration/Surge Tanks, Main Drains, Gutter and Grating, and Fountain Systems.

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Welcome to our extensive Spray ‘N Play collection, featuring Stainless Steel water features, Stainless Steel playgrounds, and FRP water slides—all meticulously designed with durability in mind, complete with a sophisticated UV-resistant powder coating system. While we proudly offer a diverse range of standard products, our true expertise lies in delivering solutions and turning your unique visions into reality.

Explore our offerings, including pool Water Slides, Wet Playgrounds, Interactive Water Features, Surface Mount Features, and take advantage of our advanced 2D/3D Design Services to bring your dreams to life.

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Spray N Play Water Slides Splash Pad Playground
Industrial Pump Room Equipment

Com-Pac Industrial (CPI), our latest division dedicated to fulfilling all your pump room requirements. Specializing in automation and controls, CPI offers a comprehensive range of industrial pump room equipment, including epoxy-coated pumps, valves, instrumentation, and horizontal sand filters.

Explore our selection of top-notch products, featuring Centrifugal Pumps, Aquatics Control Panels, Stainless Steel Hair & Lint Strainers, Chemical Pumping solutions, and a variety of Industrial Pumping/Filtration Equipment. Additionally, discover our quality Valves & Actuation options and efficient Vertical/Horizontal Sand Filtration systems. CPI is committed to providing the solutions you need for a seamlessly functioning industrial pump room.

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About Us

Quality Beyond Expectation! Com-Pac Filtration is your total aquatics solution providers. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our dedicated and highly skilled workforce designs, manufactures, and installs the finest aquatic products available. For nearly four decades, our roots have been firmly planted right here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. While no manufacturer can claim to be a true single source for swimming pools, water play, or water park equipment, we come remarkably close! Take, for instance, a standard water play pool. We don’t just distribute or private label; we genuinely manufacture the water play structure, water slide, and play features. Additionally, we produce the pool filtration, feature pumping system, slide pumping system, as well as all of the surge and balance tanks. Our comprehensive approach ensures that nearly everything, excluding plumbing and concrete, originates from our Florida facility. Experience a seamless journey under one warranty and with one point of contact. When it comes to a single source, we’re as close as it gets!

Moreover, at Com-Pac Filtration, our production extends to crafting main drain sumps, the modular gutter and grating system at the beach entry area, and feature controllers tailored for choreographing water play features. Every one of these products is meticulously built in-house at our Florida facility. Benefit from a unified warranty and a singular point of contact, offering a level of cohesion that’s unparalleled. When it comes to a single source, Com-Pac Filtration is as close as it gets, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive solution for all your aquatic needs.

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